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How Working with a Tech Recruiter Can Help You?

Tech Recruiters can help you make your process streamlined and more efficient by pinpointing your needs and seeking talent to jumpstart your project. If you’re new to the IT Staffing industry and looking for more information on getting your project started or searching for a great Tech Recruiter, there are many considerations to make. There are a lot of IT staffing firms; and who you a partnership with matters.  

At TeamUP Staffing, we are here to help you reach your business goals. Our team of expert Tech Recruiters is focused on providing top-tech talent to partner with your company’s innovative tech needs. We want you to have all the information you need while you consider which IT Staffing to partner with so we asked our team what you should be on the lookout for. Here’s what we found out.  


Well, let’s start by asking, what is a Tech Recruiter?  

A technology tech recruiter is a professional who partners with an organization to learn about their needs and then uses the information to develop applications, provide technical expertise, and coordinate contractors’ activities. While the tech recruiter listens to the client’s needs, goals, and vision, our team strives to enhance your existing plan and bring new strategies to accelerate your transformation and speed to market. The tech recruiter uses the information discovered and shares with them to write the job description, source and vet contractors, and hire on a contract, contract to hire, direct hire, or managed services basis. Utilizing a tech recruiter furthers your business goals because it is a person who is an extension of your company and someone who is invested in helping you accomplish your tech project.  


What does a Tech Recruiter Do? 

  • Understands the needs of a company and/or lays out a project requirement based on consultations with the company. 
  • Selects the best programmers or SaaS for the job. 
  • Ascertains that the final product is scalable, if not then the Tech Recruiter provides guidance on building scalable technologies 
  • Provides technical guidance at all stages of the process. Staying current with industry news and relationships is an important part of their job. If they’re connected to the proper network of people, a technology tech recruiter might open doors for your business. 


What sets TeamUP Staffing Tech Recruiters apart from others:  

  • Hands-on experience in the tech industry with a focus on partnering with startups and scale-ups, with experience achieving 0 to 1, then 1 to 10, 10 to 100, and so on.  
  • Ability to recognize your firm’s distinct vision. 
  • The team is sincere in its desire to see your business prosper. 

This blog identifies several considerations for finding the right technology tech recruiter for startups and SMEs, scale-ups, and large enterprises and helps you make the best decision for your business. 


What to Consider in a Tech Recruiter? 

Here are the top questions to ask during a consultation to ensure you’re partnering with the right Tech Recruiter for your goals: 

  1. Give them a couple of tough scenarios that could happen to your company. How would they help you navigate them? 
  2. Be transparent and tell them about a real concern you have about your business. Ask them what they would do if it became a reality. 
  3. What access do they have to (the right) connections? It’s less about what you know than who you know in the industry. 
  4. Ask them about their previous advising experience. What worked best for them? What didn’t work? How do they think they have evolved as a Tech Recruiter as a result? 
  5. How founder-centric do they think they are? Will they be on your side through thick and thin? “The best way to get this answer is to ask about some of their past advising successes,” Barnes says. “How much do they talk about the founder versus themselves? Do they say they made things happen or that they helped the founder make things happen? If they tell the story through the founder’s eyes, that’s a good sign.” 
  6. As you ask them about their past experiences, are they always going back to previous examples of their accomplishments, or are they talking about how they’d leverage their experience to move your company forward? “It’s important to know if they’re going to be able to synthesize what they already know with new situations, or if they are constantly going to be saying, ‘Well, this is how we did it before.’” The former is much more valuable. 
  7. Ask them if they’ve faced a situation like yours before. If they answer by giving an example from a past company only, that’s telling. You want the person who gives you that example but then says, ‘But your situation seems different because of X, Y, and Z, so you might want to think about it this way…’ 
  8. What might this partnership cost and how will you be charged? 
  9. Ensuring the feedback fits your business needs, goals, and vision is key to having the right partner as a Tech Recruiter. Use these questions to decipher between the company who is in it for the money between who is passionate about helping you accelerate your project to market.  


Partner with TeamUP Staffing to Achieve Your Goals!  

TeamUP Staffing is a specialized engineering staffing resource firm focused on connecting contractors, consultants, and temporary positions in the engineering and technology industries. We work with employers and IT/tech candidates to understand their goals and help progress them. TeamUP Staffing makes on-demand talent sourcing simple by providing skilled tech professionals to meet your Tech and IT Staffing needs. We focus on helping you achieve your goals to ignite change and accelerate transformation. LevelUP your tech needs with TeamUP Staffing.  


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Post by Jamie Vassar
March 31, 2022