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TeamUp Staffing is celebrating Teen Tech Week starting March 6th through the 12th! The national day is geared toward teens, parents, educators, and other concerned adults to ensure teens are ethical users of technology.   

As digital media continues to advance and grow through the years, it is becoming more prevalent for teens to have a deeper understanding of tech and its influence. Today in tech, teens can learn new skills, practice safe access, and discover new ideas. Teens are at the forefront of the never-ending changes occurring within the tech industry and they are the future; it is important parents and teens communicate the importance of practicing safety while online. Don’t let your thoughts of your teen being “in the know” about tech, derail you from having the needed conversation of the history and safety importance of technology. (Although they are more familiar with tech platforms, many teens do not understand the history or importance of tech until experiencing it.) TeamUp Staffing is excited to celebrate Teen Tech Week from March 6th through the 12th by highlighting the history of tech, the importance of tech safety, and how you and your family can get involved!   

History of Teen Tech Week  

In 2007, Teen Tech Week was introduced by the Young Adult Library Services Association and the American Library Association. The initial week was started to ensure teens were practicing safe practices and using digital media in a way that was ethical. Over the years, Teen Tech Week observance celebrates ways to access technology, how to get involved, and the endless learning opportunities available.   

Over the course of the last 20 years, there have been many groundbreaking advancements in communication, medicine, finance, transportation, entertainment, and more. The US National Academy of Engineering, by expert vote, established the following ranking of the most important technological developments of the 20th century:   

  1. Electrification   
  2. Automobile   
  3. Airplane   
  4. Water supply and Distribution   
  5. Electronics   
  6. Radio and Television   
  7. Mechanized agriculture   
  8. Computers   
  9. Telephone   
  10. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration   
  11. Highways   
  12. Spacecraft   
  13. Internet   
  14. Imaging technology   
  15. Household appliances   
  16. Health technology   
  17. Petroleum and Petrochemical technologies   
  18. Laser and Fiber Optics   
  19. Nuclear technology   
  20. Materials science  

Want to get involved in tech? TeamUp Staffing has some suggestions below on how!   

  1. Visit the Thinkery in Austin, Texas, and create something innovative!     
  2. Sign-up to attend a Virtual Tech Camp like iD Tech   
  3. Become a connected parent: Help your child understand the importance of tech safety.  
  4. Create a homemakers project with Renovated Learning:   

Teen Tech week is not only a great celebration, but it also helps show the importance of the technology industry. Through the past decades, so many innovations have been designed through the process of discovery and creation. Technology allows people to gain access to information, accelerate learning, and create new ways to collaborate with others. Our team takes pride in impacting the upcoming generations of engineers by being a resource in the industry.   

TeamUP Staffing is a specialized engineering and tech staffing firm focused on connecting contractors and consultants to temporary positions in the engineering and technology industries. TeamUP Staffing makes on-demand talent sourcing simple by providing skilled tech professionals to meet your Tech and IT Staffing needs. We focus on helping you achieve your goals to ignite change and accelerate transformation.     


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Post by Jamie Vassar
March 6, 2022