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Never has it been more important to have a specialized niche staffing partner to fuel your team’s staff and ability to get “stuff” done. Especially in the semiconductor industry, research from a recent study conducted by Korn Ferry indicated the labor deficit is costing companies more than $2.1 trillion combined in unrealized output each year. With even fewer engineers available and more demand each day widening the gap further, it is even more important to have a staffing partner with a specialized network to leverage.

You are not alone; many companies currently are putting their tech projects on hold because of not having the internal resources to complete the project. That is where partnering with our team provides you with experts in the industry to bring real change with powerful connections customized to you. Having the right partner can help accelerate your team’s project and ultimate position in the market.


Like Family

Are you experiencing trouble finding top talent for your hardware engineering and IC design, cloud enablement project, or application and software development project? You’re not alone in this talent shortage. Our mission is to alleviate this pain with our clients. How can you improve your position to be more competitive? Partner with a specialized agency and leverage their network and connections. With 793 touchpoints each week from our hardware and software engineering recruiting team, be assured you can find the right fit with ease. With a less than 1% unemployment rate in the tech industry, you need a recruiting team that has a big, specialized network and knows each other as family. A relationship that knows when they will become available, knows what they like and don’t like, and what it will take to attract them to their next contract.


Stats Don’t Lie

Our clients hire one of our candidates for every two interviews they make. Time is money. But wasted time and no candidates to fill your team costs more money. We speak your language and know your industry. Day in and day out our teams are working to align the right candidates to the right teams in our niche markets of chip design, software engineering, data, and cloud. We’ve become familiar with hundreds of different teams’ requirements, methodologies, processes, and environments. Having placed thousands of contractors over the years, we’re confident we not only can find the right fit for your team but the right fit that will finish the job.


We’re Committed to Quality and Accelerating Transformation

Experience, feedback loops, our “CI/CD” recruiting, and candidate engagement practices speak to our commitment to quality and improvement to accelerate your teams’ capabilities so you can focus on what you went to school for – engineering, innovation, and development. We know the best people create the best teams and best the best teams get the best done to create the best product.  Whether you need contractors, consultants, or temporary or contingent workers, TeamUP Staffing knows the engineering and tech skillsets you are looking for and how to qualify for them. We accelerate transformation by using our “life family” based recruiting strategy to build relationships with our contractors and clients to build great teams and great careers.


Partnering with TeamUP 

TeamUP Staffing is a specialized engineering staffing resources firm focused on connecting contractors, and consultants, to temporary projects for the engineering and technology industries. TeamUP makes on-demand talent sourcing simple by supplying skilled tech professionals to meet your Tech and IT Staffing needs while being on budget and on time.


Specialty Technology Expertise We Staff:

  • Software Engineering
  • Hardware Engineering and IC Design
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Cloud Enablement
  • Application and Software Development

With our specialized services our staffing specialization in chip design, embedded software, big data, and cloud will give you an extensive network of talent. You can have peace of mind that our industry expertise and network of top talent have the skillsets you need.  Have a project in need? 


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Post by Jamie Vassar
April 14, 2022