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What is a Tech Staffing Agency? 

A staffing agency – also referred to as a search, recruiting, or staffing firm or service – is an organization that matches companies and job candidates. An IT Staffing firm partners with an organization to learn about their staffing needs and then recruits top talent to fill their job positions. Depending on the company’s wishes, IT staffing agencies can hire on a contract, contract to hire, direct hire, or managed services basis. Working with a staffing agency allows companies to be more strategic with their time and resources toward other business goals besides the hiring process. When starting to work with an IT staffing agency such as TeamUP Staffing the process may look like this:  


  1. The employer needs help sourcing, reviewing, and hiring for a project: You’ll start this process by finding a staffing agency that specializes in your target industry. After reaching, you will specify your business needs: the number of employees required, the skillset needed, project timeframe, salary rate, etc. 
  2. The Agency advertises jobs. The agency recruiters take your needs and create a job description to highlight the position. Our team then starts reaching out individually to top tech talent that may be a good fit for the project.  
  3. TeamUP Staffing vets candidates: Once applications start rolling in for the open position, our team of experienced recruiters prescreen, run background checks, and verify contractor skills through references and checking before continuing with an interview with the company. After finding the top-quality tech talent, we will introduce the contractor to the hiring manager.  
  4. The Employer has the final decision. All decisions to move forward will be up to the hiring manager or business owner. This ensures trust in the partnership between the company and staffing agency that the contractor exceeds expectations.  
  5. TeamUP Staffing handles the paperwork. We take the heavy lifting after extending an offer and completing a lot of the legwork needed during the hiring process like contracts, taxes, and additional payroll tasks.   


Why Should My Company Use an IT Staffing Agency? 

As the staffing industry continues to grow needs are having a more difficult time being filled. According to the SIA IT Staffing Report, a 25% year-over-year growth in IT staffing, where a net 75% of responding IT staffing companies reported positive year-over-year growth. Additionally, a net 65% of participating companies expected an increase in new orders over the next six months.   

This is further reflected in the SIA | Bullhorn Staffing Indicator, where temporary staffing hours worked in professional occupations (IT, healthcare, finance, engineering, etc.) for the week ended Feb. 19 were up 24% year over year. Demand levels were particularly robust for IT and healthcare staffing. As the demand for IT roles continues to increase, many companies are facing difficulties attracting candidates and have had to invest in luring top talent. During this period, many companies experience a large cost with these hiring efforts as well receive unqualified applicants for the position. Many partnerships with a tech staffing agency come to fruition because of these pain points; TeamUP Staffing not only helps you source top tech talent we also provide:  

  • Fast Hiring: recruiting, prescreening, and qualifying contractors save time, money, and resources for the hiring manager by supplying preselected top-quality tech talent.  
  • Fill Short-term Positions: hire specific specialties needed to complete the job! The benefit to temporary staffing is the ability to bring a contractor on the job for the duration of the project to help complete.  
  • Reduced overhead costs: using an IT staffing agency reduces costs because the agency covers the costs associated with a temp employee such as employee taxes, workers’ compensation, benefits, and more.  
  • Hire the Best: Working with an experienced staffing agency allows the company to utilize the agency’s network of top tech talent in the Engineering and IT industries.   


How to Work with a Staffing Firm: 

  1. Find the right company – before you can find quality talent that fits your needs, you have to choose a staffing agency that you can partner with.  
  2. Be clear about your needs – our team is founded on transparency, honesty, and our commitment to helping your business reach its goals! 
  3. Check legal aspects: paperwork, employment verification to ensure your expectations are aligned with the offerings of the staffing agency.
  4. Maintain a good relationship – this partnership is something that deserves nurturing. Our team is passionate about helping you achieve your goals and will work with you toward getting there. We are in the business of building long-term relationships and not about making a fast dollar.   

TeamUP Staffing IT staffing agency fills your tech project needs


Why Partner with TeamUP Staffing:  

When it comes to your choices to work with an IT Staffing Agency, there are many out there, the difference with TeamUP Staffing is the people. Our experienced team, network of contractors, and clients are people who represent our same vision of transforming and uniting the engineering and technology industries.

TeamUP Staffing Firm is your dedicated partner in recruiting top tech talent to fit your team and project needs. We are driven to unlock your team’s potential to innovate, and we are passionate about building powerful careers, opportunities, and experiences with the hero creators, architects, engineers, and technologists that we connect you to. We know markets are dynamic and things change; so, we believe in staying ahead of it.

Your business is only as strong as your team. Here at TeamUP Staffing, we’re here to help you find the talent you need. 


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Post by Sara Winters
March 24, 2022