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Tech industry employees everywhere are on pins and needles as layoffs continue. Instead of nervously checking the calendar for those 15-minute meetings with HR daily, now is the time to build a relationship with a technical recruiter. This is especially true for engineers equipped with the necessary expertise to transition from a hard-hit industry to one that thrives during a slowdown. Even if your position is currently well-secured, developing a healthy rapport with a consulting provider is still a good idea.

Companies like TeamUP are uniquely set up to help engineers transition from one field to another, providing opportunities for short and long-term contract work in many spaces. These organizations are advocates who take the time to understand your skills in depth and align them with companies that fit an engineer’s personal needs and professional goals.

No one knows for sure what 2023 will bring to the engineering world, but TeamUP is now prepared to staff eligible candidates in a space that may thrive through this time of economic uncertainty.

TeamUP places engineers in the aerospace and defense industry

According to a recent McKinsey analysis, even though tech companies may be experiencing layoffs, opportunities exist in industrial sectors like aerospace and defense, where about 50,000 jobs still need to be fulfilled, most of which are in technology.

Engineers in the aerospace and defense industry design, develop, and test various technologies and systems for use in military and civilian aircraft, spacecraft, and weapons systems. This can include everything from working on engines to advanced navigation and communication systems. Defense engineers may also be involved in the management and implementation of large-scale defense projects, as well as in the development of new technologies and strategies for defending against potential threats.

"Factors unique to aerospace and defense— including strong demand for new passenger aircraft and surging military spending—should keep those industries humming through tough economic times,” says Alex Kurtz of Flight Global.

Why are A&D companies partnering with TeamUP?

There are several reasons why companies in the aerospace industry might choose to partner with a company like TeamUP to help them find qualified candidates for their job openings. These reasons can be briefly summarized in the following:

  • Access to a broader pool of candidates: TeamUP has access to an extensive network of qualified candidates, including those who may not be actively looking for a position but may be interested in the right opportunity. This can give companies a broader range of candidates to choose from and help them find the best fit for their needs.

  • Expertise in recruiting for technical positions: Those who specialize in recruiting for technical positions and have the knowledge and expertise to identify suitable candidates for these roles. This can help companies save time and resources by ensuring they only receive resumes from qualified candidates with the skills and experience needed to succeed.

  • Flexibility in staffing needs: This can be especially useful for companies with short-term or project-based job openings because TeamUP can quickly and easily bring in qualified candidates temporarily to meet their specific needs.

  • Cost savings: TeamUP handles all aspects of the recruiting and hiring process, including advertising openings, screening candidates, conducting interviews, and negotiating salary and benefits, which can save significant time and money for those who need help fast.

TeamUP can specifically help companies in the aerospace industry by providing access to a vast pool of qualified candidates with the skills, experience level, and correct clearance needed to succeed in these roles.

Who TeamUP works with in A&D

TeamUP delivers support and solutions for the defense, intelligence, and military industries to help develop applications, combat vehicles, artillery systems, electronic systems, subsystems, radar, navigation and GPS, communications, networks, autonomous systems, and aircraft.

TeamUP’s mission-critical services include:

  • RF/Analog/ Digital
  • Digital: ASIC/RTL design, FPGA, Design Verification, DFT, Validation, Emulation, Physical Design (Timing and PNR)
  • Analog: RF, A/MS IC design, Layout Design
  • Software engineering: Embedded development (Audio, DSP, Graphics, Video, Wireless, Wired, Storage, Motor Control), Firmware, DSP, and Bare Metal
  • Cybersecurity: Cyber defense, threat intelligence, cloud security, targeted attack testing, threat intelligence, detection, and response.
  • IT infrastructure: Cloud computing, Infrastructure as Code, Elastic Stack, DevSecOps, and Next Generation Data Center Services.
  • Application development: client-server development using c++, C#, and java; front-end development using JavaScript frameworks and back-end development using python. We also provide DevOps and QA testing.
  • AI/ML/Data: Architecting distributed systems, pipeline development, architecting data stores. We build tools and frameworks to unlock the power of your data and bring to life machine learning projects to bring forth the fruit of automation and discovery in artificial intelligence.

Let TeamUP find your fit in aerospace and defense

Whether you’re a top-tier engineer looking to stay agile, or a facility hoping to fill a much-needed piece of a puzzle in a complex industry, TeamUP is here to help.

Contact us today!

Post by Jamie Vassar
February 9, 2023