Finding a good team to fit your tech and engineering needs is challenging. While there are many choices for talent sourcing needs, TeamUp has a keen eye for detecting root problems and providing sustainable solutions fast. Here are four cases in which TeamUP was able to help solve complicated situations for clients and assist them toward success.

The case of bringing more power to layout teams

Our first scenario features a company focused on technology leadership within the semiconductor and infrastructure software solution realm. Their layout teams contribute to high-speed analog mixed-signal IPs for artificial intelligence, machine learning, HPC, and hyper-scale data center markets. Although their team consistently worked to improve their deliverables, they faced a capability problem. Not only did the team need more staffing to tackle 3nm design tasks, but they also needed more experience to start and keep up with the advanced techniques and methodology to be successful.

TeamUP connected them with layout design experts who’ve experienced the bottlenecks and complexities of this advanced technology node, helping navigate the challenges of transistors having more metal layers, being thinner, narrower, and closer to each other. Our experts allowed the team to achieve higher density, speed, and precision while accelerating their time-to-market and enhancing their industry-leading designs' design quality and productivity.

After TeamUp’s contribution and with newly hired experts at the helm, the company has increased productivity, minimized costs, and worked with the business’s sharpest and most agile minds.

The case of helping teams adjust to remote work during the COVID pandemic

When COVID distributed teams remotely in 2020, it caused some communication issues regarding deadlines for an IC design and software solution provider. The team had a firm deadline with their tapeout schedule, so some of TeamUP’s RTL designers were brought on board to quickly design blocks and write RTL code.

Additionally, the team implemented TeamUp’s onboarding process, where consultants have been trained to create a structure for onboarding, communication loops, and a framework for feedback when there is no structure. This helps to minimize inefficiencies (who, what, when, where, why, how) with deliverables, schedule, and production. This system allowed the team to successfully stay on track and release their chip to market on schedule.

The case of staying on an aggressive schedule

A point of pride for the following company is its ability to solve complex wireless challenges by providing test and production chips to clients. The company attributes success to its intuitive development tools and a team of problem-solvers who enjoy what they have described as “Tetris on steroids.”

Securing more work from existing clients is every company’s goal. However, larger workloads come with a need for more hands on deck. While the existing team could keep afloat with current demand, this spike in new customer designs forced them to work longer days. As a result, they started seeing a dip in the design schedule and deliverables for their analog blocks and test chips. They needed experience design resources fast, ramping up quickly so they could accelerate their time to schedule without sacrificing time-to-quality.

After meeting with the layout design director and team lead about the project’s requirements, TeamUP connected them with ten layout designers with expertise in analog performance, matching, centroiding, padring, and custom ESD to help finish these intense analog blocks, ensuring smooth macro integration.

From the initial group of ten layout designers, the team ultimately chose to use six TeamUP experts with a strong familiarity with Cadence tools and intense analog blocks such as an amp, Opamp, LNA, VCO custom ESD, and pads. Our team worked closely with engineering to provide a high-quality layout promptly, turning the possibility of their schedule slipping and falling behind into their ability to take on new projects after the first month.

The case of tight deadlines mixed with vague requirements

Our last scenario involves a quantum computing heavy hitter, with the R&D team’s goal to continue optimizing the performance of its current cubit machines and to build on its power to reach a 1000-cubit machine in 2023. There was much work to be done. Embarking on this race for quantum supremacy where no one’s gone before also provides little guidance on what to expect regarding specifications, requirements, and what to anticipate when it comes to deliverables. With the team using FPGAs to build their architecture and coming from a traditional company that builds and operates its tools, they needed experienced FPGA engineers with knowledge of the latest tools, techniques, and methodologies.

Leveraging TeamUP’s design consultants’ experience with the latest Xilinx tools, the management team selected three of TeamUP’s FPGA engineers to assist. Our team focused on programming with Verilog to process inputs, write boolean logic for modeling, and write set logic. These FPGAs interacted with, measured, and controlled quantum processes such as trigger circuits and were used to detect synchronization and coherence.

With TeamUP’s FPGA design support, we have continued to help them achieve their quest to accelerate real-time computations to solve some of the world’s most impactful and complex problems.

What can TeamUP do for you?

These are just four cases of how TeamUP strives to make on-demand talent sourcing simple by supplying skilled tech professionals to meet your needs while remaining on budget and on time. Our goal is to build excellent teams and careers while effectively impacting and elevating the lives, teams, and companies we work with.

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