You often hear the phrase “looking for top tech talent” but might know what the term entails. These people fill roles in some critical industries like IT, engineering, construction, or manufacturing and must be appropriately vetted and evaluated to find the best possible candidates. A technical hiring process requires hiring managers to source and screen the talent that will fill a specialized set of skills, this process is complex and demanding, and there are many things to consider.

Because it is tricky, it requires efficiency. There is no definitive answer to how you go about hiring, but there are many ways to make the process more efficient. This article will provide tips and tricks that will help you improve your technical hiring process and find good fits more quickly.

Create detailed candidate personas

It might seem contradictory, but you should think of who is filling the role you need before thinking of how to describe the position itself.

Why does this matter?

  • It helps target quality candidates through advertising.
  • You can then specifically articulate effectively to the desired candidate in the job posting.
  • You can more precisely determine experience level, approximate expected salary, and where they would be based for other logistics of the role.

Make the job description crystal clear

Once you’ve created the persona you know you’re looking for, you can analyze your hiring needs and determine what they are exactly. Narrow down the essential skills needed for this role to better the likelihood of finding a quality candidate.

  • Do you need to hire a full-time employee or a contractor?
  • How much remote working experience is preferred?
  • What kind of hard and soft skills do they need to have?

In a 2019 study, hiring managers reported that 42% of resumes they received were from candidates who immediately didn’t match the desired requirements. While we’re not suggesting that a candidate has to match the exact qualifications, this can be a quick way to weed out people who didn’t take the time to look at the listing thoroughly.

Utilize tests

Why should you use work sample tests when employing tech professionals? A study suggests that work sample tests come with high predictive validities, significantly higher than relying on an individual’s years of education or reference checks.

These tests are particularly helpful because they are:

  • bias-free. Testing provides objective measurement because they’re graded on the same scale.

  • a tremendous first touchpoint. Utilizing tests before CV screening can be a great option for finding higher-quality candidates. When using only CV screening tools, you might filter out some great candidates either because their CVs aren’t fully keyword optimized, but with a pre-employment test, everyone can prove their skills.

  • a scalable option. You spend the same amount of time giving out the test whether you have 50 or 500 candidates.

Use a talent sourcing agency like TeamUP

And finally, the last but, of course, not the least option is to bring in a partner like TeamUP.

  • Agencies can help save costs: TeamUP can save your company money in more than one way. Companies spend capital on advertisements and workforce effort on shortlisting and interviewing to recruit full-time employees. Plus, there’s the additional expense of onboarding the candidate as well.
  • Reduces hiring risks: A CareerBuilder study revealed that a “bad hire had negatively impacted 66% of US employers.” Taking on a candidate that doesn’t fulfill the role’s needs costs the business money and time, but it can also poorly impact colleagues. Therefore, a partner like TeamUP assures that suitable team members are being put forth.
  • Increases resource diversity: Agencies have more expansive resources to make connections, giving them access to a more diverse range of candidates. TeamUP focuses on niche markets, providing contractors with various specialized skills that companies might not find elsewhere. TeamUP contractors also guarantee agility, quickly getting to grips with new systems and aligning with your company’s values.

TeamUP is here to help

There are a lot of choices out there, but TeamUP is invested in integrating real change with powerful connections customized to the engineering and technology industries. We strive to make on-demand talent sourcing simple by supplying skilled tech professionals to meet your Tech and IT Staffing needs while remaining on budget and on time by building excellent teams and careers while effectively impacting and elevating the lives, teams, and companies we work with.

Want to learn more about how TeamUP can help your hiring process?

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