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Agile talent offers many advantages to partners—from sourcing, interviewing and hiring services to providing benefits and onboarding. When choosing partners to oversee the recruitment, employment, and management of your consultants, contractors, contingent and temporary workers, it pays to do your homework. Finding a partner that is not only competent, but also compatible with your organization’s culture, management style and business strategy is paramount. 

This process, however, really doesn’t end when you enter into the recruitment partnership. In fact, it’s critical to the long-term success of your partnership that you regularly take stock of this partnership to ensure the best fit and value for your company’s specific staffing needs.

When reviewing and auditing your recruitment partner, be sure to assess the following: 

  1. Aligned Specialization: Is your staffing partner specialized for the jobs you need to fill? Working with a specialized staffing firm can make finding candidates with specific skillsets who will excel at your company more efficient. Ideally your staffing partner should be in the same space as your company. Read our blog and learn more about working with a specialized staffing partner.
  2. Operational Support: Can your recruitment partner demonstrate a proven process and/or methodology for managing your consultants, contractors, contingent and temporary workforce? They should have backup procedures in place for fast-tracking hiring needs and for any managing any type of remediation in the case of issues.
  3. Service Level: Is your recruitment partner working at the right service level for your needs? You may want your recruitment partner to handle all aspects of your contingent worker needs or closely with HR to create, approve, and implement various tactics.
  4. Scalability: Is your existing recruitment partner sensitive to your current staffing needs? A trusted partner should be able to ramp up or down the supply of specialized tech workers the services you need without adding layers of bureaucracy or additional fixed costs.
  5. Compliance: Does your existing staffing partner regularly measure and meet compliance and performance metrics? From wages and privacy, to your own in-house and contractual standards, including diversity recruitment, risk management, etc., staffing partners must remain compliant with jurisdictional and industry standards. 
  6. Strategic Input: Does your existing recruitment partner add value to your staffing management tasks through the use of innovative HR approaches and best practices?
  7. Fulfillment: How quickly and efficiently does your existing staffing partner find and hire specialized talent. This is key to responding to business opportunities and challenges as is assignment fit and candidate quality.
  8. Cost: Have you audited your current total workforce needs and costs? Doing this will ensure you can easily compare your needs in line with any budget constraints.

Agile talent offers many advantages. From sourcing, interviewing and hiring services to providing benefits and onboarding, outsourcing your consultants, contractors, contingent and temporary workforce needs is only worthwhile if it allows your company to take advantage of opportunities or overcome challenges. Taking stock of your specific recruitment needs builds a foundation for finding the staffing partner that offers the best fit and value.

Your business is only as strong as your team. Here at TeamUP Staffing, we’re here to help you find the talent you need. 


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Post by teamup
December 29, 2021